Reviewed and revised 1 December 2017


Read on for education resources and links recommended by The Alfred ICU education team. Use these links to jump to the required section:

  1. The Alfred ICU Education Programme
  2. Self-directed learning (SDL)
  3. CICM Exam Preparation
  4. Simulation-based education
  5. Caulfield ABI Tracheostomy Emergency Resources
  6. FOAMcc resources

The Alfred ICU Education Programme

Key resources for The Alfred ICU Education Programme (some are password protected Moodle pages):

Self-directed learning

CICM Exam Preparation

CICM Exam resources (all of these resources are free to access):

First Part Exam resources:

  • Written practice question (SAQs) for CICM First Part Exam Preparation on INTENSIVE. Additional/ older questions can be accessed as google docs: First Part.
  • Part One – a superb, easy to use website covering both the CICM and ANZCA part one exam curricula that should be the first stop for all First Part candidates.
  • ICUPrimaryPrep – a very useful collection of past CICM First Part exam questions and study notes
  • Deranged Physiology – a fantastic ICU exam resource, packed with useful illustrations
  • Candidates should consider attending the Victorian Primary Exam Candidates Course (VPECC)
  • Exams-First Part – The official CICM pages detailing the first part exam, including exam locations, dates, costs and free downloads of past papers with the examiner’s reports (candidates must read these carefully!)
  • CICM Exam Writing Paper (pdf) – print this out (double-sided) to practice answering questions under exam conditions

Simulation-based education

Caulfield ABI Tracheostomy Emergency Resources

Here are the learning resources for the Caulfield ABI Tracheostomy Emergencies education programme run by The Alfred ICU:

FOAMcc resources

FOAMcc is ‘free open-access meducation for critical care’. In addition to INTENSIVE, there are lots of other great FOAMcc resources out there. Some of our favourites include:

The Alfred ICU Courses