Reviewed and revised 1- March 2020

What is ICU-IS-SIM?

ICU-IS-SIM is The Alfred ICU’s In Situ Simulation programme, coordinated by Dr Chris Nickson.

Each week we aim to involved at least 10-20 staff members as active participants in our in situ simulation sessions. This is typically performed within the unit, using real equipment, with team members performing their usual roles. Physical fidelity is achieved using simulation manniquins or simulated patients in conjunction with iPads running the iSimulate ALSi software.

The sessions are designed to help staff develop the technical and non-technical skills required to function as a effective team in critical situations. An emphasis is placed on inter-professional communication and teamwork. Scenarios are based on core knowledge requirements, perceived knowledge gaps identified in other parts of the educational programme, known high risk situations and sentinel events.

Simulation-based education is also used in other aspects of The Alfred ICU Education Programme, including Tuesday teaching for senior registrars and regular sessions at the Center for Health Innovation simulation center (using SimMan 3G) during Wednesday afternoon teaching for all junior medical staff. We also use simulation to develop and fine tune processes within the ICU, such as our ECPR programme and checklist development for emergency intubation and patient transport.

Simulation guides and templates

Simulation Scenarios

Scenarios from the ICU-IS-SIM programme are provided as free-to-view google documents (viewers cannot edit the documents directly). Others can copy them for their own use and modify them for their own education purposes. The scenarios are continually being revised and improved.

Airway scenarios

Cardiac and cardiothoracic ICU

End of life and organ donation scenarios

Haemodynamics / Shock and vasopressors

Haematology/ Oncology

Neurocritical care

  • Deteriorating GCS and raised ICP in a TBI patient (pending)
  • Intubation of a patient with myasthaenia gravis (pending)
  • Intubation of a patient with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (pending)




Sedation and delirium

Sepsis and infectious diseases

Tracheostomy emergencies

Trauma and Burns


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