The Alfred Intensive Care Academic Centre

The Alfred ICU is excited to announce the launch of our newly developed website dedicated to The Alfred Intensive Care Academic Centre – Patient Care, Education and Research

Our user-friendly, informative, and clinically-focused online interface showcases our commitment to continuous learning and collaboration through, offering a vast number of workshops, events, conferences and research publications.

Explore our website for:

  • Insights from our latest research publications
  • Explore and register for our upcoming 2024 events
  • Meet our leadership, medical and allied health teams
  • Explore opportunities to work with us
  • Seamless browsing on all devices to access information anywhere, anytime.

Discover collaboration, career opportunities and education possibilities with The Alfred Intensive Care Academic Centre.

Stay connected and keep checking in for all the latest updates, research, insights and news. Bookmark us and stay in touch.

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