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This is a repost from as it is highly relevant to the INTENSIVE blog audience and the Alfred ICU. One of the creators, Dr Craig Johnston, was the ICU Education Fellow at the Alfred while working on this project as part of the Clinician Educator Incubator.

Theresa Jacques introduces a free resource for developing and maintaining a productive mentor – mentee relationship

Yearning to find the right mentor?

Feeling anxious about assuming a mentor role?

This resource will help you get the best out of being a mentee or mentor and navigate a fruitful mentoring relationship.

Never thought about formally engaging a mentor or being a mentor?

We explore the benefits for all because the mentoring relationship should be rewarding for both parties. It has been said that “having a good mentor early in. your career can mean the difference between success and failure in any field” (Lee et al, 2007). Having a mentor shouldn’t be restricted to early career mentees because having mentors throughout your career can foster a balanced and sustainable working life. A productive mentor-mentee relationship will help you navigate the various challenges you face as you progress and grow in your chosen role. For someone being assigned to a mentoring role there may be uncertainty about what is expected. This interactive education aid is for potential mentors and mentees alike. It will provide an understanding of what mentoring is and is not for both roles.

The best mentoring relationships occur when the mentee drives the process. Our modules show how to ensure this happens. Each module in this package covers important issues for mentees and mentors and provides guidance for mentoring meetings and reflection in between meetings and how to assist a mentee in difficulty. It will give you structure to the mentoring relationship. Links are provided to more in depth materials for some topics. Dive in, skip bits of no interest, take small bites if that suits. We hope you enjoy this resource.

CLICK HERE, or the image below to start the free course.


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