Bilgrami on ‘Reading a Vent like an ECG’

Irma Bilgrami is an Intensivist at The Alfred ICU, and she is one of the coordinators of our Education Programme, particularly the Senior Registrar teaching sessions and our Mentoring programme.

In her 2014 smaccGOLD talk, ‘Reading a Vent like an ECG’, Irma outlines her approach to integrating information from the ventilator, including basic waveform analysis, into patient management in the intensive care unit.

Many of the Alfred ICU team will be involved in SMACC Chicago in June 2015 – we hope to see you there! Also, you want to learn more about mechanical ventilation and waveform analysis sign up for the 9th Alfred Advanced Mechanical Ventilation Conference (AAMVC) Waveforms Workshop & Physiotherapy Meeting being held on July 15th 2015.

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