Cardiac arrest on VV-ECMO

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Why is the bag turning red?

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A primer on priming the PLS ECMO Circuit

Author: David Anderson

Both the PLS and HLS ECMO circuits are used at The Alfred ICU.  Whenever a PLS circuit is used, a new one must be primed by a member of the ECMO team as there always need to be 2 primed circuits available in the department for urgent circuit changes, E-CPR and retrievals.

This short video reviews the sterile and meticulous process that is followed when priming the PLS circuit.  It will make a good refresher if you’re about to prime a circuit but haven’t done it for a while.

Remember that processes and policies elsewhere may be different so you should always follow your local procedure if you’re not at The Alfred.


Here is the transcript of the video

And here is a link to the Alfred ICU priming guideline;

And the Alfred ICU ECMO guidelines

And finally here are some FOAMed ECMO resources