Calling all Educators!… Make a difference in ICU Education

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It is an exciting time to be an Educator involved in critical care in Australia and New Zealand!

We now have an active interprofessional grassroots network working in collaboration with organisations such as CICM, ACCCN, ANZICS, ICN, ANZAHPE, and SMACC (among others!) to advance clinical education in critical care.

This Network seeks to:

  • promote and develop the Clinician Educator role
  • implement best practice education in critical care
  • foster education scholarship and research in critical care
  • provide capacity to consult on education issues in critical care
  • nurture a collaborative interprofessional approach to patient-centred education

On Wednesday, October 10th 2018, the day before the ANZICS ASM in Adelaide, we will be holding our first ICU Clinician Educators Unconference. The Unconference will involve facilitated interaction with known experts and practitioners using a deliberative dialogue approach. There will be scope for remote involvement via a live stream and Slack if you can’t attend in person.

This is the vision for this innovative free-to-attend event:

At the end of a productive day of working and learning together, we will have shared perspectives, developed a renewed sense of education priorities and their urgency, and created action plans for the work we can do together to advance critical care education. We will have seeded the creation of an active interprofessional community that has already begun to create real solutions to challenging problems. From this beginning, we will continue to grow and support each other as we create the future.

So, if advancing clinical education in critical care is your thing, join our Network (via this form: and complete the Expression of Interest form (see below) ASAP (ideally by the end of July).

Whether you’re at the start or the end of your career and whether you are a nurse, a physio, a doctor, an academic educationalist, or something else, you are welcome to join us if you want to make a difference.

You can learn more about the Network here:

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