Roodenburg on Rapid Response Teams: Educating and Supporting JMOs

You may remember from Rapid Response Teams: The Registrars’ Perspective that ANZICS held the Safety and Quality Conference: ‘The role of intensive care with Rapid Response Teams’ in Melbourne earlier this year.

Owen Roodenburg spoke about ‘Educating and Supporting JMOs’ in the context of Rapid Response Teams (RRTs). Owen is a Deputy Director at The Alfred ICU, Head of the Trauma ICU and Supervisor of Intensive Care Training at The Alfred ICU. Owen talks about the balance between education and effective care of the deteriorating patient,  deskilling versus unskilling, levels of competence and even Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance in the context of turning junior doctors into RRT experts. He challenges ICU leaders to see RRTs as providing powerful benefit to the ward medical staff, and not just the patients.

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