Roodenburg on the Night-time Hospital

Segun Olusanya and James Day recently interviewed Owen Roodenburg for the JICScast on ICN. Owen is Deputy Director ICU and Head of Trauma ICU at The Alfred. They discuss The Alfred’s innovative and award-winning approach to ensuring patient safety and and making the hospital run more efficiently at night.

A significant component of the programme is the role of the Hospital Clinical Lead, an ICU Senior Registrar or Fellow who supervises and coordinates the other doctors working in the hospital overnight. Integrated with this is specific training for the ICU Senior Registrars leading to the completion of a Clinical Leadership and Mentoring Certificate. This interview followed the publication of an article describing the programme in the Journal of the Intensive care Society (JICS).

Listen to the interview here:

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  • O’Leary R, Strange J, McKimm A, Gantner D, McClure J, Roodenburg O. ICU should improve the night-time hospital. JICS October 2013; 14, 4: 284-287 [Free Full Text]


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