CICM Second Part Exam Practice SAQs 07122016

As prepared by Chris Nickson, here are the practice questions from today’s written exam practice session at The Alfred ICU, with recommended reading from’s Critical Care Compendium and other FOAM sources:


Critically evaluate the use of paracetamol in intensive care patients

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You have transported a 40 year-old man who was intubated for decreased level of consciousness to radiology for a CT brain with contrast. He has a past history of type 2 diabetes mellitus. The IV cannula in his antecubital fossa through which the IV contrast is being administered tissues during injection, resulting in contrast extravasation.

a) Describe the management of radiographic contrast extravasation (20%)
b) List the other adverse effects associated with iodine-based contrast media (20%)

He develops worsening renal impairment within 24 hours of a subsequent CT brain with contrast.

c) Discuss the measures that might have helped prevent this complication (50%)

Further imaging is required and an MRI brain is ordered.

d) Given his renal impairment, what important complication of gadolinium-based contrast is he at risk of? (10%)

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Discuss the use of oxygen saturation targets in the management of intensive care patients.

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