CICM Second Part Exam Practice SAQs 16032016

Here are the practice questions from today’s written exam practice session at The Alfred ICU, with recommended reading from’s Critical Care Compendium:


Discuss the use of standardised mortality ratios (SMR) in intensive care medicine. Include discussion of the limitations of SMRs and the reasons why an ICU may experience an increase in SMR from one year to the next.

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A patient is suspected to have progressed to brain death. The family notice some ongoing patient movements as well as alterations in physiological parameters on the monitor.

a) Outline the movements, reflexes and other bedside observations that may occur, but are still compatible, with a diagnosis of brain death (50%)

b) Discuss, in brief, the investigations that can be used to confirm brain death when patients do not meet the prerequisites for clinical confirmation (50%)

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Regarding bronchopleural fistulae:

a) List 5 important causes (25%)

b) List 3 perpetuating factors in intubated patients (15%)

c) Outline your approach to the management of a bronchopleural fistula (60%)

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