CICM Second Part Exam Practice SAQs 15032017

As prepared by Chris Nickson, here are the practice written questions from this week’s CICM Second Part exam practice session at The Alfred ICU, with recommended reading from’s Critical Care Compendium and other FOAM sources:


Discuss how your approach to cardiac arrest occurring in a post-cardiac surgery patient in the ICU differs from the standard ALS approach. (100%)

Learn more here:

Cardiac Arrest Management After Cardiac Surgery

Advanced Life Support


a) A 60-year-old female presented with dyspnoea. She has a past medical history of mastectomy for breast carcinoma.

i) Describe and interpret her ECG below (20%)


b) A 30 year-old woman presents with abdominal pain and paraesthesia. She was diagnosed with CML 2 months previously and is being treated with chemotherapy.

These are her blood test results:



i) Describe the abnormalities and give the likely pathophysiological explanation for each (30%)

ii) What specific therapies (other than resuscitation and supportive care) are appropriate? (20%)

Learn more here:

Quiz ECG 011

Pericardial Effusion / Tamponade Echocardiography

Troubling Lab Strife

Tumour Lysis Syndrome



You are called to a MET call for a 50-year-old man with 20 minutes of central chest pain.

a) Describe and interpret his ECG below (20%)


b) Outline your approach to his management in the first 24 hours (80%)

Learn more here:

Quiz ECG 014

STEMI Management

You can access all the previous practice questions since 2014 here:
See this link on INTENSIVE for exam resources:

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