CICM Second Part Exam Practice SAQs 13042016

Here are the practice questions from today’s written exam practice session at The Alfred ICU, with recommended reading from’s Critical Care Compendium and other FOAM sources:


Discuss the use of somatosensory evoked potentials (SSEPs) for neuroprognostication following cardiac arrest. (100%)

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Regarding patient consent for invasive procedures:

  1. What are the requirements for consent to be valid? (20%)
  2. In Australian law, adults are presumed to be competent. What do you understand by the legal term ‘competence’? (20%)
  3. What questions can you ask a patient to assess their competence? (30%)
  4. Describe the different ways of making treatment decisions when patients lack competence (30%)

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Regarding a patient with acute non-traumatic weakness resulting in respiratory compromise:

  1. Outline the factors to consider when determining the need for intubation (40%)
  2. Tabulate how physical examination findings can aid anatomical localisation of the underlying neurological lesion(s), and list important acute etiologies for each (60%)

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You can access all the previous practice questions since 2014 here:
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