CICM Second Part Exam Practice SAQs 11072019

As prepared by Chris Nickson, here are the practice written questions from a recent CICM Second Part exam practice session at The Alfred ICU, with recommended reading from Critical Care Compendium and other FOAM sources:


An 18 year-old male progressively desaturates on pulse oximetry soon after intubation. He was intubated for airway protection due to decreased level of consciousness after a presumed drug overdose. He has a past medical history of asthma and an atrial septal defect (ASD).

SpO2 is 85% and falling.

Outline your approach to the immediate management of this situation. (100%)

Learn more here:

Post-intubation hypoxia

Platypnea-orthodeoxia syndrome

Pulse Oximeter


Critically evaluate the use of neuromuscular blockade in the management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

Learn more here:

Neuromuscular Blockade in ARDS




Interpret the PAC pressure measurements below and give the likely diagnosis:

(RAP = right atrial pressure, PDP = pulmonary diastolic pressure, and PAOP = pulmonary artery occlusion pressure, which is also known as the pulmonary artery wedge pressure (PAWP))


RAP 9 mmHg
PDP 17 mmHg
PAOP 16 mmHg


RAP 8 mmHg
PDP 18 mmHg
PAOP 9 mmHg


RAP 15 mmHg
PDP 17 mmHg
PAOP 16 mmHg


RAP 14 mmHg
PDP 21 mmHg
PAOP 8 mmHg


RAP 24 mmHg
PDP 26 mmHg
PAOP 25 mmHg


RAP 9 mmHg
PDP 21 mmHg
PAOP 14 mmHg

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Puzzling out PAC Pressures

Pulmonary Artery Catheter

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