CICM First Part Exam Practice SAQs 05022016

Here are the practice questions from today’s written exam practice session led by Tim Byrne at The Alfred ICU, with recommended reading from’s Critical Care Compendium and ICUPrimaryPrep:


Discuss the physiological processes that limit bleeding and coagulation after a cut is made in the skin (80%)

Outline the effect of tranexamic acid on this process (20%)

Learn more here:

(Q19 Sept 2013, 4 candidates passed (14.8%), Q4 Sept 2010)



Describe the pharmacology of low-molecular weight heparin (70%)

Outline the pharmacology of hirudin (30%)

Learn more here:


  • Haematological physiology (Q1)
  • Haematological pharmacology (Q2)

You can access all the previous practice questions since 2015 here:
See this link on INTENSIVE for exam resources:

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