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Last May saw Professor Jamie Cooper and Dr Dash Gantner from The Alfred ICU speak at a VIN meeting in Melbourne on ‘The Cutting Edge of ICU Research’. These talks are still highly relevant and well worth listening to if you want to understand the Australasian contribution to ICU research and how this affects practice.

Prof Cooper talked about the rise of ICU research in Australasia, particularly in busting pre-existing dogma, and highlighted the impact of some of the big studies from the ANZICS CTG calling on his own extensive experience in potentially ‘game changing’ ICU research such as DECRA and SAFE-TBI. His talk on ‘Game Changing ICU Research’ was first published online at ICN here and you can listen to it here:

Yet these studies can only ‘change the game’ if effective knowledge translation occurs. This is what Dash explores in his talk on ‘translating research into clinical practice’ first published here on ICN, though you can listen to it below.

The potential for social media, including websites such as this one, in making knowledge translation happen is discussed in a recent editorial Dash co-authored with Paul Young and myself that is free online here. Another great resource is a recent talk by Professor Stephen Webb from the 2nd Annual NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation in October 2013: Translation of evidence into practice- pushing or pulling?.

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