Euboxia and (Ab)Normality from smaccGOLD

I gave an unusually titled talk at smaccGOLD last year, ‘Euboxia and (Ab)Normality’, which was a follow up to a blogpost of a few years ago titled Don’t put your patient in a box.

I explored these questions:

  • What is ‘normal’ in critical care?
  • When is ‘normal’ good?
  • When is ‘normal’ bad?
  • Does making it ‘normal’ help?
  • how can ‘abnormal’ be good?

Resources and references for this talk are available on the LITFL CCC page on Euboxia and (Ab)Normality.

Here is the audio (direct download mp3):

Here are the slides:

… and here are the #euBOXia tweets related to the talk:

Many of the Alfred ICU team will be involved in SMACC Chicago in June 2015 – we hope to see you there!

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