The Alfred ICU Waiting Room App

The Alfred ICU’s brand new waiting room app has made the shortlist for the 2014 Aus Mobile & App Design Awards! Go to the projection description to rate the app before 17 August 2014.

The Alfred ICU has installed iPads in the waiting room that run this custom-made app designed to support patients and their families during their time in intensive care.

The app helps to:

  • Prepare a patient’s loved one for what to expect in the ICU
  • Provide information about the ICU, its staffing, ICU procedures and therapies
  • Empower the patient’s loved ones to participate in patient care
  • Provide information 24 hours a day in an easily accessible, user friendly, interactive and innovative way, allowing users to determine what information they read, when they read it, and to revisit the information as many times as needed
  • Easily change and update the application in response to feedback from families and clinicians, keeping it current and effective

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